Get EPS-BNB LP Tokens on PancakeSwap
Earn EPS by staking your PancakeSwap EPS-BNB LP tokens on
Become a PancakeSwap liquidity provider for EPS-BNB by providing liquidity here on PancakeSwap.
The Add Liquidity interface.
In order to add liquidity, be sure to have BNB and EPS tokens in your wallet and connect to PancakeSwap. The interface will allow you to provide BNB and EPS in the correct proportions, and you may have to approve PancakeSwap to transfer your tokens on your behalf. Click "Supply" and approve the transaction; your tokens will be supplied to the pool and you will receive Cake EPS/BNB tokens in your wallet. Now you can stake these tokens on and earn EPS token. And for a limited time, you can also stake your LP tokens on PancakeSwap and earn CAKE!
Last modified 2mo ago
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