Staking LP Tokens to Earn EPS

Earn EPS with your LP tokens

EPS is the value-capturing token within the Ellipsis protocol. EPS can be staked to receive a portion of the trade fees generated when users perform exchanges. It is distributed as an incentive to liquidity providers, in a process commonly known as "liquidity mining".
To earn EPS with your LP tokens, visit the staking page of the website. Choose the pool for your LP tokens and click "Deposit" to transfer them into the rewards contract. You will begin earning EPS immediately, with your claimable EPS balance increasing each time a new block is mined.
LP tokens can be withdrawn at any time however they will no longer earn EPS; they must be staked to earn EPS.
Ellipsis does not charge a fee for depositing or withdrawing from the rewards contract and your LP tokens are not locked.

EPS/BNB LP tokens

You can earn EPS by staking PancakeSwap EPS/BNB LP tokens as seen in the above image. The APY for this pool is expected to be much higher than the 3pool or Metapools. To enter this pool you must first obtain balances of both EPS and BNB. Next, visit the PancakeSwap page for EPS/BNB and deposit into the pool. Finally, visit the Staking section of the Ellipsis website and deposit your LP tokens. You will start earning EPS immediately.

Claim vested EPS to receive protocol trade fees

After staking your LP tokens, an option will appear to "Vest EPS". Click this button and your earned EPS is minted (new tokens are created) and automatically deposited into the fee distribution contract.
Vested EPS rewarded for staking LP tokens
EPS in the distribution contract rewards holders some of the trading fees generated by the protocol. Trading fees are split evenly (50/50) between liquidity providers and EPS stakers. The fees are periodically transferred from the pools into the distributor contract and released evenly over the following seven days.
Vested EPS can be withdrawn early but is subject to a 50% early exit penalty.
Freshly minted EPS is considered "vested" for 90 days. It is possible to withdraw before the 90 days have passed, but doing so will incur a 50% early exit penalty. After 90 days are complete, your vested EPS will become unlocked and may be withdrawn freely.
Table with a summary of a user's vesting EPS holdings
Users can claim their vesting EPS early with a 50% penalty (with 80 vesting EPS, a user can claim 40 EPS early by forfeiting 40 EPS
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