List a Token with the Pool Factory

Ellipsis allows anyone to permissionlessly add their token in a few clicks. The user must add the liquidity required for the trading pair they are adding. For example, to add your token paired with BUSD, you will need to provide the initial liquidity to launch the pair.

Stable versus Crypto pools

Ellipsis offers two types of pools or listings. Listings between tokens that should have the same price between them (a.k.a stable pools), such as BUSD <> USDC <> USDT, and listings for tokens with different prices (a.k.a crypto pools), such as BUSD <> BNB.

Details to note:

  • After deploying a pool, initial liquidity must be seeded. $50,000 is a recommended balance for initial liquidity, however if you expect a larger volume of swaps the pool will perform better with more.

  • 50% of fees regardless of chosen fee will go to the EPX lockers.

  • Destroying pools once deployed is not possible.

  • Ellipsis is not responsible for any of the assets in the pools, so you must do your own research when trading in the pool factory. This is a permissionless factory, therefore the Ellipsis team has no control over the tokens added in the factory which means you must verify the token addresses traded in a pool.

  • Tokens with more than 18 decimals are not supported.

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