Deploying a Stable Pool

Ellipsis offers two types of pools or listings. Listings between tokens that should have the same price between them (a.k.a stable pools), such as BUSD <> USDC <> USDT, and listings for tokens with different prices (a.k.a crypto pools), such as BUSD <> BNB. Deploy a stable pool on Ellipsis by filling out the factory form on the website. Upon submission of the form you will be prompted to complete the transaction. When the transaction is complete, the new pool will be available for seeding the initial liquidity. Once liquidity has been seeded, the pool will appear in the pools area of the website. Below are instructions for filling out the form. For assistance with the parameters in the form, please get in touch via our Telegram channel.

Pool assets such as going logos for coins that are new to Ellipsis can be submitted as outlined in Pool Assets.

Pool Name and Symbol

The name of the pool is what you will see on the pool listing page:

The symbol will be the symbol for your LP token. Typically, metapools use a {token}3EPS naming pattern for pools that use the 3EPS base pool, and {token}btcEPS for pools that use the btcEPS base pool.

Pool Type

Pool type options include USD or BTC metapools where a token is paired with an Ellipsis base pool, BNB native pools for pairing with BNB pegged tokens, and plain pools that can accommodate between two to four pegged tokens.

Pool Tokens

Pool Implementation

Fees and Amplification Parameter

Choosing an Amplification Parameter

The amplification co-efficient (“A”) determines a pool’s tolerance for imbalance between the assets within it. A higher value means that trades will incur slippage sooner as the assets within the pool become imbalanced.

The appropriate value for A is dependent upon the type of coin being used within the pool. We recommend the following values:

  • Uncollateralized algorithmic stablecoins: 10

  • Non-redeemable, collateralized assets: 100

  • Redeemable assets: 200

Trade fees

EPS pools charge a fee for token exchanges and when adding or removing liquidity in an imbalanced manner. 50% of the fees are given to liquidity providers, 50% are distributed to EPS lockers.

For factory pools, the size of the fee is set at deployment. The minimum fee is 0.04% (represented as 4000000). The maximum fee is 1% (100000000). The fee cannot be changed after a pool has been deployed.

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