Pool Incentives and Rewards

Ellipsis pools can disperse EPX rewards and non-EPX rewards to LP providers.

Non-EPX rewards

Teams who wish to provide their own incentives for liquidity providing should get in touch with Ellipsis via our Telegram channel.

The process requires the approval of a reward providing address and a reward token address. Once approved, the reward supplying address can supply reward tokens to the LP contract. The reward duration is seven days, and teams can top up the rewards at any time. Be aware that rewards provided before the seven days are over will reset the seven day timer and distribute any remaining rewards along with any new rewards over the new seven day period.

EPX Incentives

Newly created pools are not eligible for EPX incentives. The pool must first pass a vote to be enabled for EPX incentives. Once the vote is passed, then the pool will participate in the weekly voting process and will receive incentives based on its proportion of the overall vote.

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