Migrating EPS to EPX

Migrate EPS to the EPX, the Ellipsis 2.0 protocol token.

The EPS token will be migrating to a new token, EPX. Migration to this new Ellipsis token has no deadline.

The EPX token will have some changes from EPS:

  • Relative total supply will increase 1.5x (from 1B to 1.5B).

  • Absolute total supply will increase 88x, to 132B tokens (88x the new relative total supply, or 1.5B * 88).

Users will receive 88 EPX tokens for each EPS token they migrate. Tokens can be migrated in the migration portal.

There is no hurry to migrate EPS to EPX. The migration contract will never close. It is a one way migration.


  1. Enter the balance of EPS you wish to swap to EPX in the migration tool on the website.

  2. Approve the migration contract to use your EPS. This only needs to be done once per wallet.

  3. Click "Migrate your EPS to EPX" and accept the transaction.

Now your EPX will be in your wallet.

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