EPX holders can lock their EPX to receive vlEPX. The longer you lock EPX, the more vlEPX you'll receive. vlEPX allows users on Ellipsis 2.0 to:
  • Vote on incentive distribution between pools;
  • Receive platform fees;
  • Boosting EPX rewards;
  • And nominate new pools for a vote towards receiving EPX rewards.
Some things to note:
  • Users can have multiple locks per account.
  • Lockers do not have to vote. Lockers can claim platform fees even if they do not vote.
  • Ellipsis 2.0 works in a week long epoch, starting at 00:00 Thursday, UTC, every week. This means that every week your lock declines by one week and voting starts anew.
  • Locker rewards are paid out from the previous week's fees. Every Thursday a new balance of fees streams out to users who were locked during that previous week.

Locking EPX

Locks can last from 1 to 52 weeks; longer locks mean more vote weight and a higher share of fees.
Lock EPX to receive vlEPX
Important things to know about locks:
  1. 1.
    Locks that are less than 52 weeks can be extended to the 52-week maximum.
  2. 2.
    Expired EPX locks must be claimed before you can withdraw your EPX. Released EPX is then streamed out over a period of 7 days. During those 7 days released EPX can be claimed at any time.