Base, Meta and Factory Pools

Ellipsis has three types of pools:

  1. Base pools: 3EPS (BUSD-USDC-USDT), btcEPS (BTCB/renBTC)

  2. Meta pools: for example [fUSDT, [3EPS]], [DAI, [3EPS]] or [TUSD, [3EPS]]

  3. Factory pools: permissionless pools that can be created by anyone. These pools can be meta pools or plain pools, and can contain stablecoins, pegged BTC or BNB and can contain anywhere from two to four tokens.

Factory pools, being permissionless, can be created by anyone or any team. Please be sure to understand the assets in a factory pool if you are going to provide liquidity or trade in the pool.

Meta pools allow for one token to trade with another underlying Base pool. In this example users could seamlessly trade fUSDT between the three coins in the 3EPS pool (BUSD-USDC-USDT). This is helpful in multiple ways, including:

  • preventing dilution of existing pools,

  • allowing Elipsis to list less liquid assets,

  • providing more volume and more trading fees for liquidity providers.

A Meta pool consisting of [fUSDT, [3EPS]] would contain fUSDT and 3EPS LP tokens. This means that liquidity providers of the 3EPS pool who do not provide liquidity in the [fUSDT, [3EPS]] Meta pool are shielded from systemic risks from the Meta pool.

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