Pool Votes

Holders of vlEPX can participate in Incentive Voting, where users vote to determine the distribution of the weekly EPX incentives across the different pools.

They can also participate in Pool Votes.

What are Pool votes?

If you are familiar with Curve, Pool votes are like Gauge votes.

When a pool is created on Ellipsis it is not eligible to receive EPX emissions, it first has to be nominated for a vote. Users can then vote on allowing the pool to become eligible for the Incentive votes.

How to participate in Pool votes

Pool votes are special for two reasons:

  1. The amount of vlEPX for pool votes corresponds to a user's vlEPX from the previous week.

  2. vlEPX used in a pool vote applies to only that vote; it does not affect a user's vlEPX balance for incentive voting, and

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