Why Would a Project Use Ellipsis?

There are some obvious use cases for projects and protocols to use Ellipsis, such as the examples provided in cases 1 and 2 below. Then there are some less obvious and creative possibilities for protocols to use Ellipsis as provided in case 3 below.

Ellipsis is a Curve fork; the so called "Curve wars" have shown us that there are many creative ways to use Curve, and projects built on top of Curve, to bolster a project's treasury or simply provide more returns to a project's holdings.

Use Cases

  1. Stablecoin projects would benefit from using Ellipsis' pools as they use the StableSwap protocol for swapping, which is a more efficient swap protocol for pegged tokens. Meaning that the underlying tokens in a pool are more likely to keep their peg by using Ellipsis over DEXes like PancakeSwap.

  2. A project that has a synthetic token, for example ANKR's aBNBb, are better off using Ellipsis pools for the same reason outlined in #1: Ellipsis pools make it easier to stay on peg over DEXes like PancakeSwap.

  3. A protocol with Protocol Owned Liquidity or a treasury with stablecoins could use Ellipsis pools to grow their treasury by depositing into Ellipsis and using one of many strategies that involve Ellipsis' EPX token to grow their EPX token holdings, fee rewards, or bribe+fee+third party tokens on other platforms like dotdot.finance.

If you have a project that fits any of those use cases, feel free to get in touch with us via our Telegram channel.

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