Pool Factory
StableSwap pool factory
The Ellipsis pool factory allows anyone to deploy a StableSwap pool on BNB Chain. This means anyone can now deploy a pool for their stablecoin or pegged asset as well as a tokenized form of Bitcoin or BNB in a few clicks.
Details to note about factory pools:
  • 50% of fees regardless of chosen fee will go to the EPX lockers.
  • Destroying pools once deployed is not possible.
  • Ellipsis is not responsible for any of the assets in the pools, so you must do your own research when trading in the pool factory. This is a permissionless factory, therefore the Ellipsis team has no control over the tokens added in the factory which means you must verify the token addresses traded in a pool.
  • The only admin change that can be made is ramping the A (amplification) parameter.
  • Tokens with more than 18 decimals are not supported.
  • After deploying a pool, initial liquidity must be seeded. $500k liquidity is a recommended starting point.
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