Staking and Liquidity Providing Rewards
Stake or provide liquidity to earn EPS

Reward Pool and Staking Pool

Liquidity providers receive EPS rewards that vest for 3 months. Rewards can be claimed before the end of the vesting period but are subject to a 50% early exit penalty.
EPS from the early exit penalty is distributed to the locked staking pool. The most loyal EPS holders will stand to gain the maximum benefit upon conclusion of the 3 month vesting period.
The staking pool receives trading fees as well as the EPS penalty revenue from people who Exit the reward pool early (before the end of the 3 month vesting). The staking pool has no mandatory lock-up.

Liquidity Provider Rewards

80% of the rewards are distributed evenly between liquidity providers of the stablecoin pools while 20% are distributed to EPS/BNB liquidity providers.
Rewards for stablecoin pools are distributed based on the overall TVL of the stablecoin pools, therefore the APYs of these pools are identical.
The liquidity provider rewards will be as follows:
30% of EPS supply as rewards within year one as follows: 5% — month 1 4% — month 2 3% — month 3 18% — rest of year 1 (2% a month)
12.5% of EPS supply as rewards in year two and the remaining 12.5% between years three to five as follows: 12.5% — year 2 6.25% — year 3 3.125% — year 4 3.125% — year 5
Rewards began at 08:40 PM +UTC, March 23rd, 2021
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